Squadra Omega is an Italian cosmic psych impro collective active since 2009, touring and recording with different formations each time. They have spent more than a year in their analog shelter - Outside Inside Studio, recording three (!!!) new albums: the free form impro / ambient 'Il Serpente nel Cielo' (Holidays Records); 'Lost Coast' the movie soundtrack (Boring Machine), and the highly anticipated LP 'Altri Occhi Ci Guardano' (Sound of Cobra/Macina Dischi).

The Omega universe continues to expand absorbing space rock, kosmische music, motorik kraut, progressive, free jazz and jazz rock.
They've reduced their personnel to three, allowing for more gear on stage: drums, bass, guitar, 2 synths, sax and percussion. Every performance has a life of its own leading to a unique cosmic trip. Sometimes comfortable, conflicting at other times, but consistently guided by a musical and spiritual blueprint: EXPAND CONSCIOUSNESS, FEED YOUR THIRD EYE!

Music from the third eye
It is said that all empires are built upon the ruins of previous empires. It is said that destruction breeds construction. In times of deadlocked aesthetics and stylistic stagnation the time is nigh for a destruction of the old and the construction of the new. From the rubble of a post-post modern world, Apollo is rising and he is accompanied by a tribe of psychedelic wasteland fellaheen – the Squadra Omega.  The winds are shifting, the fog is lifting and a new age is a-coming. Spaceage Cubist-Free-Jazz clashes with Pygmy-Percussion-No Wave-Kraut Rock causing a sonic fusion leading to a complete derangement of the senses, an assault on the frontal lobe and permanent hallucination. This is music from the third eye.
Warning: Suitable only for sonic adventurers who dare to explore the darkness of the forest and the mystery of the deep blue sea.
(M.A. Littler, November 2010)

© Squadra Omega 2018